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3'1'' X 6'8'' Afghan Boteh Kilim Tribal Traditional Hand-Knotted Red,Camel,Ivory Rectangle Wool Rug

Style: Traditional
Origin: Chicago
Size (width): 3'1''
Size (length): 6'8''
Material: Wool
Pattern: Tribal
Primary Color: Black
Additional Colors: Red,Camel,Ivory
Sku: 1299
Although Afghanistan shares its western border with Iran, its carpets have more in common with the tribal weavings of Central Asia in terms of color, design, and weave than with their more sophisticated Persian counterparts. The Afghanis are a nomadic, tribal population constantly traveling from one place to another. Their rugs, woven on small portable looms, are mainly produced for use in their homes, namely to adorn their tents. Therefore, it is not surprising that Afghan weavings are available in limited quantities and generally in small rug sizes. Many feature vegetable-dyed handspun Afghan wool. Various qualities of pile carpets are available, ranging from coarse to medium in weave, in addition to kilims.

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