Classic Antique Peshawar Palmette Rug (10'x14'6")

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Style: Peshawar
Design: Palmette
Size (width): 10'
Size (length): 14'6"
Material: 100% Wool
Quality/ Production: Hand-knotted, Production time 2 years
Primary Color: Brown
Additional Colors: Blue, Beige, Green.
Sku: #000800

Our Peshawar rugs are all hand-knotted using pure high mountain hand-spun wool for a soft luxurious pile that is the backdrop for the distinctive Peshawar motifs that adorn these beautiful floor coverings. Sun-dried vegetable dyes are used to create subtle hues and the striated colors associated with classic Peshawar rug makers. A fabulous choice as an elegant dining room rug, family room carpet or focal point of your living room decor.

Peshawar designs are inspired by antique and traditional Persian rug designs. And the color composition used for these rugs are complementary to most decorations, whether antique or modern. These rugs are finely knotted using two types of weaves the Persian weave and the Mori weave. The dyes are all natural, vegetable dyes obtained from the native flora of the region.