Classic Antique Persian Mamluk Medallion Rug (10'x12')

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Style: Mamluk
Design: Geometric Medallion
Size (width): 10'
Size (length): 12'
Material: 100% Wool
Quality/ Production: Hand-knotted, Production time unknown
Primary Color: Gold
Additional Colors: Rose, Blue, Green, Beige
Sku: #000760

Many examples of these Malmuk carpets have been preserved. Their designs are quite complex, consisting of large medallions made up of intersecting compartments of various forms adapted from the great tradition of Islamic geometric ornament.

The borders consisted of oblong medallions or cartouches. The smaller details of Mamluk carpets, however, relate closely to contemporary Ottoman Turkish carpets, no doubt reflecting the close commercial and cultural ties that existed between both realms. Mamluk carpets are distinguished not only by their distinctive designs, but also by their lustrous wool, fine weave and soft, closely valued coloration dominated by pale greens, yellows and reds.