Antique Persian Heriz Tapestry (2'3"x4')

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Style: Antique- Heriz
Design: Pictorial town.
Size (width): 2'3"
Size (length): 4'
Material: 100% Wool
Quality/ Production: Hand-knotted, Flat-woven, Production time unknown
Primary Color: Tan
Additional Colors: Blue, Brown, Green
Sku: #000915

Handcrafted by master weavers of a previous generation, our one-of-a-kind vintage wool tapestries have the burnished beauty that are acquired only through age and use. Each hand-knotted piece showcases abstract motifs and harmonious colors while evidencing genteel signs of wear. they have been gently restored as needed, leaving intact the variations in shading, texture and weathering that lend them character. All sizes are approximate. Imported.