Flat-weave Floral Medallion Pure Silk Pillowcase

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      Style: Antique
      Design: Floral
      Size (width): 1'4"
      Size (length): 1'4"
      Material: 100% Silk
      Quality/ Production: Hand-woven, Production time unknown
      Primary Color: Gold
      Additional Colors: Pink, Gree, Ivory
      Sku: #000944

      Persian Silk are Works of Art are a great addition to the most exclusive of decorators. Describing them is near impossible due to the excruciatingly intricate Floral and Geometric designs that cover the Cushion Cover. This Cushion Cover has Gold Background with floral vines. Surrounded with a thin golden Border and Silver thread interwoven to give it a bright shine. The Fabric is stiff and weighty. Photos do not do it Justice. All of the designs are unique and one of a kind due to Handcrafting.

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