12'9'' X 17'5'' Persian Bakhtiari Medallion Semi-Antique Red Rectangle Wool Rug

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Style: Semi-Antique
Size (width): 12'9''
Size (length): 17'5''
Material: Wool
Pattern: Medallion
Primary Color: Red
Additional Colors: Navy,Beige,Green
Sku: 000756
Antique Persian Bakhtiari rugs and carpets are among the more intriguing and distinct styles of antique Persian rugs, boasting a fascinating historical heritage and expressing a unique aesthetic ideal. Bakhtiari rugs and carpets are one of the few types and styles of antique rugs that encompasses nomadic tribal as well as urban antique Persian rug design; most antique Persian rug styles will be expressive of either one aesthetic or the other, but only very rarely will it be expressive of both. Many Antique Bakhtiari rugs are in fact tribal pieces that rely upon a repertoire of abstract geometric and animal motives. But Bakhtiari weavers are also acclaimed for their ability to produce sophisticated medallion allover, and garden designs of classical Persian inspiration, with an added vitality and boldness. The wool quality and rich color of Bakhtiari antique rugs are also notable, whether they utilize an urban or more tribal design idiom. Some antique Bakhtiari rugs feature especially vibrant and expressive urban Persian designs, steeped in classical beauty and resplendent with traditional, classical design elements. Often, when a Bakhtiari rug features a sophisticated composition like this, it will be characterized by impeccable line work and precise drawing. Detail elements tend tone crisp and distinct, with the pattern beautifully articulated. A unique style of antique Persian rugs, antique Bakhtiari rugs and carpets are an exciting style.